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datagrid2 html/css


Hi all,


Datagrid2 has been out for a while now, and I am getting more and more requests around custom styling.

The main headache is that it does not follow HTML guidelines for being a table and instead chooses to think it is a layout but with table-named classes.


It may sound trivial, but here is an explanation why tables should be used for tables, and layouts for layouts. Read about it here:


because the widget is part of the data widgets collection, there is also no easy way to exclude the scss, which leaves us to overriding scss.


We can globally manage all legacy table styling in a single location, because tables and datagrid1 use HTML defaults, which also are supported by accessibility tools.

This doesn't work for datagrid2, because it is not a table and to make everything even worse, the column widths are managed using JS and inline styling.


so yeah, a lot of headaches around the HTML side of this widget.

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