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change the location of styling pane


currently the styling pane is nested within the properties pane.

this causes some issues when styling an app.


would it be possible to be able to make styling its own pane so we can position it under properties?


or move

- class

- dynamic class

- resulting classes

to the properties pane, as these 3 are the most important fields from the styling pane.



because most people with a design system still type their classes

dynamic class

because it is important to see the styling that is dynamic

resulting class

because it is important to see other styling that is being set, that cannot be read from the class input


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Yes this would be awesome, those that still want it in the same location could still snap it in the same location. So more freedom is absolutelythe right move.


For me the whole seperation of properties and styling feels like a donwgrade in my workflow for the sake of making things different. Maybe also provide an option to revert this tab nested in tab “feature”.


It seems the UX/UI consultants were not taken into consideration with this change 🥲 a separate pane for styling would be EXTREMELY functional and welcome.


+1 from me, when I work a lot on styling this could save me a lot of clicks


Yes please,


as UX/UI/FE consultant I primairly work whit these 2 tabs.

And as a owner of a 49” ultra wide it would be lovely to have these side by side.


even better would be having a sidebar like Photoshop where you can setup and drag you sections across the sidebar. so you can customize it as you want. even the sub-sections. some more attention of responsiveness would be nice to, as small or ultra large resolutions aren’t always the best experience


I like the way you think!