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Ability to structure my Apps into folders


Currently I have numerous apps under the My Apps page for a lot of different clients.

It would be helpful if I could make app folders for each client and select the apps I want to be shown under that folder.


This way the My apps page would be less cluttered and I could more easily find the apps I need when working for a specific client.

As an added bonus it would then also help to have a search on folder names next to the search on app name.

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Great to hear that it is in discover,  and I would be more than happy to give any feedback if needed.


We we're playing around with this idea for a while. Basically, the idea is to have an easier way of grouping all the apps you have. We were considering folders, but also things like tags you can filter on when you're on the My Apps page (and an easy way to search, yes).


This is still in discovery so once we get to prototyping it, would you be willing to give us some feedback? Not sure when that would be exactly, since we have a couple of bigger, higher priority projects in the works, but I'll keep you posted.