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Right mouse click > Open in new tab


In our application we're using the menu bar widget and buttons. As Anonymous user, when we do a right click on a navigation menu item and press 'Open in new tab', it opens a new tab, but it redirects to the homepage. This happens for every menu bar item. I would expect it would open the specific page. It doesn't matter if the page has a unique page URL or not, if it's opened with a MF or directly with a show page, it always goes to the homepage. This shouldn't happen.


Also, with buttons we don't have the possibility at all to open it directly in a tab. This would be a great addition.

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This is the issue that I faced now. Our user needs this function. It's a very common use case. I think Mendix's apps are built on the concept of SPA, that is why the behaviour. It is similar in React or angular. But is there a workaround to achieve this function?