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styling-less datacontainer


we need an option to retrieve data, but without all the pre-styling and containers in containers.
just the lite "we have a front ender" datacontainer.


currently there is:
listview, that adds <ul><li> and striped styling.
templategrid, adds blocks.
datagrid, adds a table.

non of these are solutions or work well when trying to create an elegant and responsive design.

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everytime I see "!important" in lib, just makes me sad.


listview-stylingless seems to be adding a lot of styling: .mx-listview-item {
  padding: 0;
  cursor: default;
  border: 0;
  background-color: transparent;
  float: left;
  width: 16.6% !important

which i have to now overright.
idk if im doing something wrong, but this just seems such an odd way of making css


Yeah I think answering with an example might clarify some of my newby struggles and frustrations.

Firstly I love how bootstrapbuttons are integrated into mendix with a dropdown that lets you choose default, primary, warning and so on, I would expect that with more items that come with classes (listview, styleless, striped...).

How we are working atm, is that I go in and mockup a page using containers, classes, some text and some images.
than the dataguys come in and put all my designs into listviews.

now all of a sudden my designs are nested between the main container-wrap and a bunch of <ul>'s and <li>'s which breaks a lot of my css animations and :last-child css, while also adding a bunch of other classes in the mix.

So my logical conclusion would be allow front enders have some kind of datacontainer that just adds a single div that we are able to give a class.
or allow front enders to place listviews without having to connect it to data (due to mendix giving errors when I place a dataless listview).

hope this makes sense :D 


There are the classes "templategrid-stylingless" and "listview-stylingless" that remove all default styling.

If it's just about styling I agree that it's not the best approach chosen by Mendix to first dump classes and styling on a component which you then have to revert by additional styling (It's quite sure not improving the browser performance).

If your problem is about the whole structure generated by Mendix you probably have to wait for Mendix 8 (there are some hints on generic data iterators to come) though I don't expect an option to completely define the generated html.

But like Mike I'm wondering what exactly you are trying to achieve and are struggling with.



I'm curious, how would you like to have many rows of data presented in a page?  Seems to me it needs some kind of structure, but maybe I am missing something about your idea.  And a follow on question - what is the problem you are bumping up against that led you to submit this idea?