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ability to set inpute type (<input type=number>)


while working on a mobile app we ran into some trouble optimizing the user experience with input fields.

Input fields are horrible on mobile, and even worse when you cant change their input type.

There are some work arounds but we noticed they deleted the placeholder text.

A nice drop down list with possible input fields would be a great addition to enhance mobile friendlyness.

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Hi Dennis,

Yeah, that's what we have been using.
Usually works fine, but we have placeholder text that gets displayed, and then for some reason the placeholder disapears when using the widget.

It's a small thing, but having it supported nativly in mendix would make the development process that tiny bit smoother and more accessible. :D 


Until they enable this from the modeler (if they do), have you checked the https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/5958/ Set Attribute widget? I've used it numerous times to set the type to tel (ensuring the numpad is also shown on mobile)