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Make Database Managment Great Again


currently I spend more time than I'd like on managing Databases (PG Admin, downloading, unzipping, copy pasting)

I imagine a scenario where I can upload/download a database like how i manage commits and updates of mendix projects.

Just like how no one else has to deal with Sass, I would not like to have to deal with Databases. If 1 person manages the database with proper data (images with proper format, realistic texts, realistic users) this would improve development speads.

I think there is alot to gain here from a user friendly perspective

see forum post:

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A large part of my support role is indeed downloading the latest database and restoring that to my local postgres database so I can analyze the call from the client. It would indeed make live easy if with the upcomimg backup API the latest backup could be retrieved from an environment and that Pim's batch file could be incorporated to do the restore. Again it might seem trivial but it would make life easier and doing a restore to the local db is indeed not trivial for the non tech people.




@pim Thanks for you your answer,
I think your solution is an awesome step and probably the easiest way to do it at the moment.
but its still not as easy as I imagine it could be if it were integrated into the platform with proper UX.



see my answer in the forum post :)