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desolve container keep content


As a UX'r a lot of my time consists of refactoring css and mendix models.

A lot of times there are an exesive amount of containers around elements which means I have to pick up every item and drag it on to a container higher in the hirearchy, and then delete the remaing containers.

If i could just delete the container itself and keep the content that would save me a lot of trouble :D

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@jean, I totally agree.

With great power comes great responsability :D 


I’m thinking that it is quite tricky to give this option while it is not always very visible whether a container is providing additional styling, either by classes or by inline styling.

It might be good to warn developers when dissolving a container that contains one or multiple classes, inline styling or even a visibility rule, just to make sure that containers that actually contribute to GUI dont get dissolved by accident.

It would be even better to show styles by default.  


Awesome News Danny :D looking forward to it


Feels a bit like the “Extract snippet” function and I like it. Great idea!


with a quick key would be nice too

Shift+delete or alt+delete