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traditional forum instead of message board?


Topics dissapear extremely fast with the current setup of the forum.
Im not sure what people are used to either, maybe a reddit setup of an oldschool 90's forum, or maybe just having a more strucutred "top level"?

there is also no chance to add "sticky" comments.
I'd like to see for instance an up to date list of planned and released forum idea's in a sticky comment.
Or maybe a tutorial tips/tricks section.

not sure if other community members would like this, but just an idea to structure the thoughts of our hive mind.

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Just the fact that the Mendix environment uses one central url makes searching through your own browser history frustrating, let alone trying to save pages. You have to actively search/find the unique link. Even then it can send  you to the default page rather than the specific topic or page.


yes, i also like a traditional forum better than this system


just thinking out loud, but would the forum work more intuativly if you had a split view with left the topics, and right the content (sort of like outlook?)


I thought this would get more votes quickly, for me the Mendix forum is the most inconvenient forum I use.

If you don’t visit the forum daily you can quickly miss some topics which are interesting to you. Browsing the questions is also a pain, whenever you navigate back from a question you need to scroll back again to the question.

I think the forum would greatly benefit from some more structure. Add subfora for the different topics (java, widgets, styling/ux, etc.) , create a starters subforum where the experienced users can help the new Mendix users. You can always add an activity stream/latest messages for those who want to follow everything.

There are so many great forum solutions to use.


It would be nice if you could see more questions, or for example at least have a bit more filteroptions for example to see only questions you commented on. It's hard to figure out if someone reacted at the moment. 

I also like your idea of a bit more structure, now it is indeed just a very very long list of fast disappearing questions