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Remove all !important classes from Atlas


Certain elements in Atlas seem to have the "!important" class added to them making it difficult to restyle them.

Even simple helper classes such as .text-primary have !imporant added to them, meaning if I would like to nest it and add a style it is impossible witout also adding !important to it.

.card .text-primary{
 color: $text-slightlyLighterThenPrimary !important;


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Awesome stuff Wesley.

I’m sort of on the fence with Helper classes having !important.

There needs to be a clear hirearchy of how the CSS works, atm I think it should be:
1. inline styling
2. helper classes
3. project specific styling
4. partner specific framework
5. Atlas UI
6. bootstrap


With the latest Atlas UI release you are able to change certain variables so !imporants are not used in helper classes ;)