How to achieve auto reload or auto refresh functionality in mendix

Hi all,           In my domain model, I have two entities and gave many to one association to them. Parent entity has template grid view to display the objects within this template grid I have one list view which displays the list of objects of child entity. When I update my my child entity objects, it does not reflecting in my parent entity template grid view. But when I reload the browser or the page manually, it does work. But I don’t want the users to reloading the page manually.Because, it will affect the user experience. Is there any way to achieve this functionality easily ? If you have any idea about my query, kindly share your ideas in this comment section. Thanks for the reply in advance. 
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In pages you always need to refresh the parent object of the page to refresh the page. In the microflow retrieve the parent and do a refresh on that object to trigger a refresh of the page.