Server-side paging with load more

Hi guys I think I’m dumb, cause I can’t find any way implement a very simple requirement which is server-side paging (because of huge data, as always) + “load more” button (just like we have in listViews ; I can’t use paging bar for UX reasons) + a microflow datasource. - with a list view : “load more” functionnality actually SHOWS more, but all data is loaded by one single call to my microflow - with a data grid : way too ugly - with a template grid : the way data is displayed doesn’t match my needs (I need each page to be added at the end of the list) Isn’t it a basic need ? o_O
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Mendix recently added a feature for this:


Are you using Persistent entity to show the Data , if yes Load all data at once and use pagination widget with some Page Size. Same applies for the Non Persistent too .

You can refer

Custom Pagination also possible with some Domain Modeling