Radio Button feature- Native mobile app

  Hi,  I’m trying to implement Radio button feature with the help of  images(one selected radio button image and one unselected) and  nanoflow. Radio button image will be shown inside the list view and on click of radio button image one nanoflow is called ,where i’m setting one boolean entity value and based on the boolean value alternate images will be shown. The problem is “List of content are shown as multiselected”. when i set one  boolean entity value true , wanted to make all other’s boolean entity value to false in the current list . Would you please let me know,how can i achieve this?
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When you set one object’s “selected” boolean flag to true, set it to false for the other object having previously set to true.
Get all objects with a constraint where selected is true before making changes for the new selection, this way you will get the old selected item. Now new listview item/object marked selected by radio button is available in nanoflow parameter, set previous one to false and this new one to true.  This way in your entity table, you will have only one row with selected flag set to true.