White space at the Home (Navigation) page, how to remove?

Hi, When I try to log-in as a user I see these white blocks of empty space, these are navigation captions that you shouldn't be seeing as that particular user.  But instead you get to see a white block of space, how can I remove these white blocks completely? I am talking about the 2 white blocks of space under '’Producten'’ and '’Bestelseries'’.
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Just use visible option present in the containers ( your white boxes)  to provide access to logged in user as shown below


Hi Wartkes,

I'm not sure what you exactly want, but I will give it a try.

Probably, you are curently using a layoutgrid and hiding some buttons by conditional visibility / access rights to the microflow/pages. A layoutgrid is especially to divide your availabe horizontal space in logical blocks, so for smaller screens it breaks following that logical block. You can hide a complete row of a layoutgrid using conditional visibility, but not a cell. That's why you will have empty blocks.

For this purpose, you could just place buttons outside your layoutgrid, and make sure via (s)css styling that they have the right padding and margin. Or make two different pages and navigate to the “right” pege depending on your rights/role.

Good luck!


Hi ,

I think there is no access right for the button which you have used showing blank box.