Set listview object in a nanoflow with javascript to dataview with listen to widget DS

Hi everyone,  I need some help with the following. I have a page that displays a listview and has a sidebar. On the sidebar i have a dataview with a   "listen to widget"  datasource.  In the listview i display a “select button”.   One of the options, calls a nanoflow that opens the sidebar. This nanoflow has javascript to open the sidebar.  When i use the select button on the listview line that is targeted / focused this works as intended. Here you can see the screenshot of how it works. I blacked out data due to privacy reasons.  Under the screenshot i will explain the user scenario i need help with.      The user scenario that give us trouble is the following,  The user has focus / selected the first child in the listview but he uses the select button of the 3th child in the listview. Now the  nanoflow will be triggered and the sidebar will show with the data of the first child.  What i want to achieve is that if the user, uses the select button of the 3th child that i can make the sidebar show the object / information of the 3th child. 
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Hey Stephan,

If I understand correctly, the “Listen to widget” functionality is kind of “broken”, because you press the nanoflow-button and therefore the item is not getting selected?

As workaround, you could create a (non-persistent) pagehelper having an association to the item that needs to be selected to be shown. Then you could set that association in your nanoflow and show it in the sidebar based over association.

Maybe this helps!

Kind regards,