Performance Issues since upgrade to version 8 of Mendix

I am looking for some guidance in tracking down some performance issues that started happening when we upgraded to version 8 from version 7. We have a process that copies emails from Office into the Mendix db and runs periodically.  We have a page that displays the emails from the Mendix entities and a popup window to allow replies and forwards and to view all messages within a group linked by the internet message id. Since the upgrade to version 8 this popup window often will freeze up the browser for up to a couple of minutes at a time, even when the user is just looking at the various emails and not actually sending anything.  In version 7 we had no issues with it. The particular widgets we use on that popup that are not standard built-in widgets are: Format String, Custom String, Microflow Timer, DropDownDivConverter, Label Selector, CKEditor, and DropZone.  I have made sure to update all of the widgets. I have gone through the document at but haven’t been able to track down the cause.   Does anyone know of any changes between 7 and 8 that might cause something like this?  For example, the client footprint or amount of cache being significantly larger than before? Anyone else have performance issues after upgrading? Maybe the add-on widgets have caused issues with someone? Any reference articles on the underlying architecture changes between 7 and 8?   I’d be grateful for any helpful suggestions.
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I would start by looking at how many items are returned in the cases where the window freezes.  In other words, is it a lot of records (hundreds or thousands)?  If so, that may be the cause of this issue.

Also, what version of 7 were you on before upgrading?