Select drop down with clickable container not working on select padding

It appears that when I use a clickable container around a styled select dropdown the area is no longer clickable on the padding area highlighted in yellow:   Does anyone know of a workaround for this? It also appears I cannot right click on this area either which tells me its not recognizing any events on click and somehow the padding is blocking the container click action: I should also mention I have the select dropdown disabled as I am trying to use the clickable action instead to call a popup instead of a dropdown. Thank you!
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Update: I was able to fix this by enabling the select dropdown and then using css to hide the options. 

Other than the annoying rectangle that shows up when loading the popup it works fabulously.

The only issue now is I am seeing a blank dropdown in ie11… update: I was able to use pointer-events: none; on the select dropdown to disable the default select dropdown click event. :)