Adding custom URL for a page.

Hi ,  I am trying to give a custom url to a page in application and after setting one from the page properties I am only able to access the page by providing the url as  http://localhost:8084/p/agent and not using http://localhost:8084/agent Is there a way we can make the page to be accessed by providing only http://localhost:8084/agent in the address bar.       Thanks in Advance!
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I dont think it is possible out of the box.

Also, it is advisable to just follow this URL pattern, because there could be lot of security settings based on the URL pattern.

One possible way is, you could try something with the Core.addRequestHandler and see if you can handle the security somehow.


Hi Satish,

You can have your own request handler programmed in mendix with this method available from core API.

You write your own java action

- java action should have a handler name and the target action

- which will be called in ASU. So, mendix will register the handler and the action to be executed

- So, when users try to access that handler then the target action will be executed