drop content of a lookup table into a field of another entity

Hi, I’m looking to fill two fields in Table 1 (say Unit1 and Unit2) with the content of a unit name I select from a Unit entity. So, for example: Table1Unit1 and Table 1 Unit2 fields should be filled with a selection I make from the entity Unit and a name field in there. Typical lookup table scenario. I looked at reference selectors, and at dropdown widgets but both of these don’t seem to let me bind them to Table1.Unit1 and Table1.Unit2 fields while selecting something from the unit entity.
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I am not exactly sure what you intent yo do. I read you want the value of the name attribute of a selected Unit object to be copied to an attribute in Table1? My initial response would be: why would you want to do that? This is duplication of data in a normalized database, which is generally speaking, not good practice. Although there are exceptions to this rule of course.

Normal practice is that you make an association between Table1 and Unit, and use the value of the name attribute over association.

If you really want to duplicate data, you can do so by having the “save” button of the page call a microflow and do the copying there.