Documentation for page sequence/flow, and how they interact with the Close Page action?

Hi all, Does anyone know if Mendix provides any documentation of how the flow of pages is maintained/interacted with when running the application? I have a working understanding of opening pages ‘on top of’ each other, closing them, navigating and that while pages are navigated to they are ‘remembered’ – but I cannot find any documentation to support or explain this, and so I find when I am trying to explain it to colleagues I have to umm-and-arr a bit! Any pointers to Mendix, or any general resources that explain the same concept, would be hugely appreciated. Cheers.
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There is indeed no specific documentation. But Mendix always opens pages on top of each other unless you use the goto homepage action. Then all other pages are closed and only the home page is visible.

Close actions in microflows always closes the last opened page (and thus reveal the one opened earlier again). In the idear forum there is an idear for an action to close ALL pages. Indeed a missing action that would make sometimes our life a bit easier. But best practise would be to always refer back to the home page after finishing some process.