Filtering the visibility of data in list view

Hi Experts,   I have a situation where the user is able to see the list of projects upon selecting the project and the employee. The case is: - The user selects the Project. - The user selects the Employee - After selecting the project and the employee, the user needs to be able to give the inputs to the selected project only.     The domain model is as below.   However, the problem is the user is able to all the projects the employee is assigned to even though a specific project selection is made before selecting the employee.   I believe this can be solved by implementing the XPath constraint. However, is there any variable to define the Xpath based on the current selection?   Kindly assist how to go about.   Regards Anirudh
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Not completely sure whare the selection of the employee is done, but looking at the page screenshot I would say that it’s missing the employee as the outer dataview.

If the outer most dataview contains the selected employee then the list/grid on the left could be filter by something like this in the xpath constraint:

$employee_project = ‘[%currentobject%]’