A process or widget that allows tiles to be placed together

Hello! I have created an application that contains a homepage, and inside of it, it has five “open link” buttons to five separate applications I’ve created (screenshot 1-admin view). I’ve also added 4 demo users, and gave them access to a few of the 5  applications: “On the landing page: User 1 is only able to view Application 1, 3, and 5  User 2 is only able to view Application 1, 3, and 5 User 3 is only able to view Application 2, 4, and 5 User 4 is only able to view Application 2, 4, and 5” Now, each user 1-4 and the administrator has their own password, which allows them to view the applications they have permission to see. Once I deploy the application, I get the sign in page, and type in the user’s credentials to get into the application. For example, if I type in the credentials for User 3, I am only able to view: Site, Ship-to, and Bill-To (Screenshot2). How do I make it so there aren’t blank spaces around the buttons when a user accesses the application? Is there a specific widget I can use? Thank you! Screenshot 1:   Screenshot 2:
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You can use a template grid and use that to show the objects the user has rights to. This way you loose the empty space and are able to add more applications.





You could set the layout-width of the layout grid with a build in class. Add this class the appearance to every part of your layoutgrid:

col-xl-6 to allways show 2 tiles next to eachother

col-xl-4 to allways show 4 tiles next to eachother

This way you overrule the amount of tiles created in the studio pro next to eachother, and order the ones that are accessable by the user (so sent to the browser).

Multiple combinations are possible if for example on a extra small screen you only want to show 2 tiles you end up with:

col-xs-6 col-xl-4

Hope this helps you out