Custom Search for Data Grid

Hello All, I have to implement custom search feature for data grid. Data source for this data grid is Microflow which fetch data from REST API , when perform a search have to invoke the API again to get search results. Search feature is like column based search , for example if data grid is displaying 6 columns need to implement search for 4  specific columns and the search text field should aligned with grid column name. How can we customize data grid title columns to add search text fields, please suggest what’s the best approach and design we can think for this requirement.
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A solution could be to add a dataview which captures the users search criteria and calls the API using those search criteria. The returned list of object is displayed in the datagrid by using a *-* association from Dataview object to the returned list.


Simpel elaboration would be something like this:


Your best bet is probably this grid search AppStore widget: Try that first.

Alternatively, since your search would trigger a microflow every time, it is an option to create a separate search form with the four attributes you want to search on and a button 'Search’.

You might also want to have a look at, Datagrid search filters. This might exactly be what you are looking for if you get it to function well.