Show full data of individual row of data grid

Hello Everybody, I have a datagrid which shows some data of an individual from a database based on a OQL query, now what I need to do is to show the full data of a person on when a user clicks on the row. So how could I achieve this scenario like, on click of a row, the name of the person is fetched and that name is given as input to a microflow, from where I can make a call to the database to the the person’s data on a new page.  
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On-click feature is done by

  1. Add button in the data grid control bar
  2. Set this button as default button
  3. Connect this button with the microflow to execute the retrieve & opening of the page ( see answer of Andreas)
  4. Set the on-click behavior of the data grid to single or double click as you desire


You already gave the answer. If your object contains an identifier, you can call a microflow when clicking on a row. This microflow will have the object as parameter. You can use the identifier attribute to retrieve the object from the database and pass it to a new page. This page can now show everything that is on the object as well as associated data.


It’s a setting in the datagrid properties.

The click behavior will execute the action on the default button. You need to add a button with your microflow and make it the default button.