Can you format dateTime attribute in reference selector dropdown?

I want to be able to format a reference selector input of type dateTime but it seems that mendix doesn’t give you the ability to do so. Unlike other input options, in the format section is doesn’t not give you the option to choose a custom format for date time. I thought I could format it in a microflow and return the list, but the format function returns a string and not dateTime variable and it seems if it was possible it would be very messy. Is it possible to format this?     Format the date in a dropdown but there is no custom formatting option.
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I think this is fixed in Mendix 8.9, i see something in the release notes related to this:

  • We fixed an error where you could not change the value of the date picker in web apps.


I checked it in an 8.12 project and there you have a ‘custom’ option to change this. Maybe you can upgrade the project to 8.12?


Ah sorry my bad, reacted to fast did not check complety. The drop-down reference indeed does not give this option. What you can do:
- Change the date-time formatting throughout the application. Settings > Languages > double click on the correct language and set the custom date and/or time format
- If you only want to change this only for this drop-down, create either a helper entity with a string formatted date or an extra attribute with the correct formatted date.
- Create an idea on the idea forum to let Mendix add this to the possibilities: