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Hi, I’m new here, so I hope you don’t mind asking a funny question. Why is there no import choice, when “Import / Export to Excel” stories? I’ve updated stories gotten from “Become a Rapid Developer” path serveral (3) times. Checking stories I found out, an import, well 3 imports took place. 🤔 it’s a little confusing to me. 🤔 maybe renaming caused that ...  
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You can only import changes to stories from a previously exported list of stories, saved as excel-file.

When you rename the stories in Excel, the stories will get updated, as expected. They do not get added. Even if you change the story-id, when importing, you will get the message “ story <your storynumber> 'First story…' does not exist (anymore). “

So it is only possible to change existing stories. Adding new stories other than from within Sprintr, is possible, there is an API for that: But that is probably beyond the scope of the RapidDeveloper-path.