considerations and best practices to Improve performance while working with Studio and Studio Pro (version 8.13 +)

Hi there, I like the functionality, ease of use and scope of Studio and Studio Pro (version 8.15 and 8.16), but sometimes I feel weak performance, when running my apps both local and in the cloud. => Are there any general considerations and best practices to Improve performance while working with Studio and Studio Pro? (Like disabling Virus scan for specific folders, using different Browsers, considering proxies, optimizing network routes and DBMS indexes, and so on?) This would be specially appreciated when I want to demo Mendix to friends and other projects attendees… Thx Bjoern
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Hey there Bjoern,

I personally haven’t experienced too much noise or drop in performance due to the list you mentioned above. However I have seen poor performance due to a lack of logic/code optimization or general application optimization. One place I would recommend starting would be looking over the defined best practices for Mendix and see if there is any kind of optimization you can do in your application. I don’t know if you’ve already come across this document, or if you’ve already given your applications a quality check but that’s where I’d start if I were experiencing poor performance.

Here is a link to a community collaborated best practices sheet that might help in your application optimization:
Community Best Practices

Best of luck,