Stopping column resizing function for datagrid.

Hi all,  Is it possible to change a setting to end-users are NOT allowed to change the column size?  If yes, would you teach me how to? I don’t want my users to change the size of columns by themselves...   2020/12/17 information added. Please see my post on the answer area.    best regards, Yuki
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I tought there used to be a way to set this from within Mendix…

Anyway there is a class within the grid which controls this: mx-datagrid-column-resizer

If you create a new class, something like bellow and put the class on the datagrid. The option will dissapear:








I have tried code as below as you have suggested and thankfully the cursor “column resizer” disappeared.

But it can still be resizable when the user tried to move the other columns such as col# over 5 in below.