Alignment Issue in Copy Paste feature in rich text widget

Hello, Facing alignment issue in copy-paste feature in the rich text widget. I’m using multiple rich-text widgets on a page. Then I tried with CK editor to achieve this feature but, on a page, multiple  CK editor widgets are not supported and facing errors.  Is there any other way to achieve this feature in Mendix? Thanks in advance!!!
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Does it not? Hm, just tested this and indeed the last CKEditor gets all the attention.

There is a good chance that you are able to copy the widget itself and rename it to CKEditorForMendix2. To try this go to your project directory in explorer, go to the directory \widget, extract CKEditorForMendix.mpk to \widget\CKEditorForMendix2, copy paste it to \widget\CKEditorForMendix2 and start renaming it on smart places. A find-and-replace makes 32 replacements. Now make \widget\CKEditorForMendix2 a widget again and use it. This is probably the long way around to get there and not platform-supported.

Since the richtext widget is platform supported, a better advice is probably to raise a ticket at or