How to reduce Video loading time in Production environment

Hi Everyone, As per my requirement I have to Show multiple videos and When user clicks the video the video will play ,For this i am using File document entity and Uploadng video .and by using the file document viewer widget i am showing the video which i am Storing as a file ,the video is working fine in Local but when it deloy in production 80 mb video is taking around 20 sec or more is there any thing we can do to reduce the video loading time in Production  I wondered if someone else has already done this and/or has some experience on how to accomplish this.   Thanks in Advance
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It sounds like you should be using a dedicated video streaming provider for your videos. At the moment the user has to download them from your application – this is causing the delay.

If you do go for the streaming approach, once the video has been uploaded to your application, you’d just need a scheduled job to or queued job to upload it onto the streaming provider, and make a note of the playback URL. When a user comes to watch the video, just direct the browser to the stream rather than downloading the entire video.