Modal pop-up: content doesnt shift after expanding

Hi all! We use a modal pup-up in which we have a few fields with conditional visibility on them, so they only become visible after for example selecting a value with a radio button.  However, after said field becomes visible, the you don't “jump” towards said field, if anything it even remains (partially) out of view, which might lead the user to think there's nothing left in the form.  I made a screen recording that (hopefully) clarifies what I mean (Vimeo link as I can't upload video's here): As you can see, at one point when “Definitief” is selected under “Status uitgangspunt”, the text “Delen in bibliotheek” appears right under. However, this in itself also has two options, which isn't really clear right now. It's still possible to scroll to get it in view, but we'd like for the content to scroll up a bit so the user can clearly and easily see it right away.  Does anyone know/have an idea on how to fix this or make this happen?    Thanks a lot!   Mendix Version is actually 8.12.5 but that's not available in the dropdown, in case it makes a difference. 
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looks like it is working as intended.
but this doesn't solve your usability issue :( 
in traditional html you can use anchor links to jump to an ID

maybe something like this?