Proper display of validation feedback

Hi colleagues,  I need once again your help.  I have a page on which users can create an event and for this they have, of course, to enter a date and time.  In case the user keeps the default values (start & end date = today; start & end time = now) an error message is displayed (defined in Microflow) informing the user that the start & end time are the same. This is working fine but I am not happy with the display.  In the Microflow I can only select the Event_DateTimeEnd and in that case the error message is shown as in the attached screenshot.  Do you know how i could make sure that the error message is shown below the fields end date and time? Many thanks in advance for your help!! Maria
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Hi Maria,

There are several solutions for your challenge.

  1. Add helper attributes that you will add to your page on the place you want, and hide the contents using CSS except for the validation feedback. Then in the microflow where you would do the validation, you would show the error message on the helper attribute instead of the actual attribute.
  2. Use JavaScript to modify the DOM when the error message is shown to place it correctly. 

Hope this helps.




HI Maria

             Try to add your validation messages in validation feedback to the respective fields.(Custom error messages)

Check you have written any validation entity validation rules?




Hi Deepha, 

thanks for that tip.

Ufnortunately I cannot use the field validation messages because the button i use to go to the next page reacts quicker than the field error messages. So the user can just skip the error message and go to the next page without correcting the wrong/missing input.