CSS page styling

Hi there is there a way to easily add CSS styling to a page? currently we have to add CSS styling to each of the boxes/tables/buttons/layouts/containers etc etc separately within the modeller which is a very laborious process. Is there a way to add styling to a page as you would do in the browser and then copy it in. I have found that this functionality is present in other low code platforms such as Outsystems. I dont mind if this is a widget or an inbuilt function but currently without this function it makes functionality and the user experience really lacking 
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Hi Ben, you can use Sass in your project to customize the styling in Mendix. It’s makes it a lot easier;-) For example to style the buttons you mentiond. Check out the theme\styles\sass\custom\components\_buttons.scss file in your project directory. For more info to setup Sass, check https://docs.mendix.com/howto7/front-end/set-up-sass