Gulp for UX theming

Hi, I followed the walkthrough on how to setup Gulp to change styling. After running gulp dev, I am getting the following error, It says ‘dev’ errored after 13s. Tried removing and reinstalling, but the same issue persists. Any idea why this is happening and possible fix?
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i think you are using mendix 8, this error happened because the 'sourceStyleFolder' & 'deploymentStyleFolder' changed in Mendix 8. Go to your Gulpfile.js, and change the variable in the file as below: var sourceStyleFolder = 'theme/styles/web'; var deploymentStyleFolder = 'styles/web';


Not a solution to this specific error, but my advise would be to set up Calypso for the sass-parsing. It is way easier and in my experience, less errorprone. See this manual, which basically says: download, install, open, use.