How can I store the Client State in Session Storage to prevent loosing it when the page refreshes?

We have a couple of scenerios that are causing our users to lose data. 1) while filling out a form on a tablet, if the tablet is docked the browser refreshes the page and anything that wasn’t committed is lost. 2) if the user is on a mobile device and has to switch apps and comes back this will also cause a refresh losing data. I was wondering if there is a way to temporarily store the Client State (The art of state, Part 1: Introduction to the client state in Mendix) in Session Storage and then retrieve it after the page refresh so this data wouldn’t be lost. If anyone knows an easy way to do this or a module that has already solved this problem I would be very greatful.   Thanks Kenny
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One thing I can think of is to store the data when entered and make sure the record is associated to the user session object in the system module.

Then in the navigation check in the home page via a MF if data is available and if so open the page displaying the record.

The other is to use the nanoflowcommons module local storage functions. Never used this yet, but might be an option.