Slowness in showing a data grid with 100K+ records

Hi, I’ve a page with a data grid which has some 120k+ records. I’ve added loggers to determine the timings of each action in the microflow to show the page. Data is retrieved from mendix_db within ~1 sec. Rest call is done and returns at max 10-20 objects and they’re created and committed. All of this takes 2-3 seconds as seen by the logged timestamps. However, to render the page with all those 120k+ records, mendix is taking more than 90 seconds. Any idea how i can speed this up?
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It is unclear as to what you are showing on the page, are you showing all 120k+ records at once? Than it makes sense that this takes some time. You might be able to increase speeds of your page by adding pagination in the datagrid, only showing max 50 at a time. 


If you mean that you only retrieve max 20 objects at once on a page, make sure that you don't retrieve all records in a MF before showing the page.