Session Timeout Issue ?

Hello Team, We have deployed a mendix app on mendix service console, we have done below configurations but still if a user doesn’t use for few mins the user gets logged out. How to fix this issue ?  We want user to logged in atleast for 30 mins      Thanks In Advance
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This configuration should work:

  • A session timeout of 100 minutes,
  • The sessions are cleaned up once every 100 minutes


With the configuration seemingly correct, there are two main causes of users losing sessions:

  • A bug in Mendix
  • Some other configuration which messes with sessions


A bug in Mendix is possible, but unlikely. Therefore, I would investigate other causes, such as a setting which allows only a single session for a user and how the users actually use your app.


For additional help debugging, could you post a part of your log file – anonymized if so required – so that we can see how and when sessions are created and destroyed?