Re-execute nanoflow after other validation is corrected

Hi, We are currently using client side validation and on-change/on-leave nanoflows in our forms. Separatly they are nice and works good. Have anyone else noticed the problem that when a validation has validated false for a field the nanoflows for the other fields are not executed or they at least does not behave as they did? Can I get the nanoflow in the other field to execute either when the first field still have a validation that is false or when the validation is fulfilled? Was my example to abstract? Kind regards Johan
2 answers

Do you use a boolean that you set to false when you run into an incorrect value? If you do a validation for field A and just end the microflow, field B is not checked. You should check them all and end the microflow after all the fields are validated. Then you can check the boolean state and stop the microflow so the validation messages are displayed. Like this:


Alternatively you could change your on-change / on-leave to microflows. With Microflows you have the ability via the Microflow Settings to set the behaviour for ‘Abort on Validation Errors’, allowing you to run logic even when your page validation triggered.