Date functions dont work with datepicker validations

I have a datepicker with some validation that I want to check if the date is within a month. Supposedly microflow expressions work in the validation so I’m simply doing this   $value != empty and $value >= addMonthsUTC([%CurrentDateTime%],-1)   But I get “Unknown function addMonthsUTC”. In fact, none of the date functions seem to work.\   Normally, i would put the validation in the entity itself, but I have two roles; one should be able to enter any date and the other role should enter a date within a month so I’m duplicating the fields on the form; one without validation can be seen by the higher privilage role, and the other one with the month-validation can only b
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If I can’t find an answer, I think, ultimately, I’ll end up having a computed field in the entity that is set to the first Date FIeld minus 30 days. Then in the expression, I’ll just make sure the First Date is greater than the second date.