Masking errors on Pie Charts

I am using a microflow  which returns a list of Non-Persistent objects for displaying Chart Data on my Dashboard Landing page. It works fine . Whenever im running locally and stop local server im seeing this error (which is normal as data cannot be retrieved now) which i want to mask: Unfortunately after deploying the application into acceptance environment , and logging in as a user im still seeing this same error  which is quite disturbing. Is it possible to mask this error? (It only shows once while logging in to acceptance or production environment)   These are the console logs: [Edit]
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The problem is in M04_CIO.Calc_CIOChartStatusData_ForSessionUser.

I would suggest single stepping through that microflow to see where it is breaking.

If you are using Non-Persistent entities, I have a feeling that you are doing a retrieve in the microflow for them, but those entities do not yet exist. If that is the case, check for empty after any retrieve to make sure you have data before trying to use it.

Hope this helps.


Looks like a access/security related error please share the console logs