How to display imported excel data in success and error tab for correction ?

Hello, I have a requirement where user is uploading 500 records.  The data in the excel needs to be validated ( not null, correct format , correct date etc) and after validation imported data will be displayed on Success tab(which pass the validation) and error tab(which failed the validation). The data in error tab needs to be displayed with appropiate error message. In case of multiple issues, it should be displayed seperates by any special character example “|” Example : Rate is empty, | Invalid Order Date field. Once the use select the data in the Success tab and save the data gets actually save in the database. Once the user edit the data in the data grid, it goes through validation and then depending on the validation can move in success tab or stay in error tab.   Thanks     
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I would approach it like this;

  1. Implement Excel import module 
  2. Import your records to a separated import entity, which is copy of your final destination entity
  3. Setup your import using the import entity
  4. Add extra string attribute to import entity to collect validation feedback
  5. Extend the import microflow with logic which executes the validation as you describe, populate validation attribute with validation information.
  6. End of microflow open page with two tabs, per tab one list
    1. Tab 1, list with datasource database, import entity, constraint validation string attribute = empty 
    2.  Tab 2, list with datasource database, import entity, constraint validation string attribute != empty 
  7. implement logic, when user changes/corrects values; execute same validation as in import flow and sets string attribute empty when all conditions are met.


NOTE; don’t change the import microflow directly in the excel importer module, but create a new module, where you will copy & modify the import flows. Also you import entity should be part of this module.

Hope this helps