Home page and Menu option as per User role

Hello,  I have 2 user roles Admin and User Now I wish to have 2 seperate Home page and Menu option for different roles. Like Admin – Can have option to user overview, delete user etc. User can other menu like create order, create customer etc. Please advise.
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Hi Abhishek,
in “Navigation” you can define “Role-based home pages”.

For every page you are creating you can define in the properties which role is necessary to access the page. In the Menu a user sees only the items he can access with his role(s).



Please find my user role settings

2 User : Administrator and User



I want to assign Create User and User Overview page  to Adminstrator login. But when I go assign the visible properties in the page, only User is coming.


I am not able to understand, Why Administrator is not coming here.  Please advise.

Not able to understand the role and mapping concept and how it working clearly.