Custom login page and role mapping

Hello, I have created a custom login page. An Administrator is setup who can create users and the newly created user can login. During user creation roles is assigned “Admin” or “Normal User”. Question :  How to map the menu items on this role field ? Example Admin would have Create User menu, Normal user will have some other menu.  In the page properties in the against User is displayed, but it not my role. How to display user name and current time in the top bar in the right hand corner.
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In the pages the roles from the module are displayed and these can be used to give access in the module. The module roles are combined into user roles that you assign to the user. So if you have 2 roles in a module (admin & user) you assign the role to a microflow to create the user (admin) and some other user page to the module role user. Then in the userroles make sure that the admin user role get assigned the admin module role and the user userrole gets the user module role. 

For the second question: create a snippet that will retrieve the user via a microflow and add this in the layout being used. Adding the current time can be done with the help of a non persistent entity and the same datasource microflow, but I expect that you want this time to update, then you’ll need some javascript or build a widget for this (but first scan the marketplace as there might be something available)