Help creating a form customizable in the app itself

Hey everyone, I’m very new to Mendix and app development in general, and as such need help with something that is probably relatively simple… I’ve been tasked with creating an app that allows users to go in and fill out inspection forms for mechanical parts. There must be the ability to hold many different forms and allow reviewers to associate the part they are reviewing with relevant forms as they review.  Part of the requirements is the ability for admins to create any number of unique forms in the app (not in studio) by (a) creating a checklist, (b) establishing categories within the checklist, and (C) adding questions within those categories. All that said, what is the most practical way to implement these custom forms into the app so I don’t have to go in and change things in studio every time a question is added, deleted, or changed? Once I have that established I can probably stumble my way through the rest. Thanks in advance!  
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Take a look at the questionnaire module in the Marketplace. Last I looked it was quite out of date, but even if you don’t use it directly, you should be able to gain quite a bit of inspiration from it.