Show/Hide a column

Hi, I am displaying some data in a data grid with multiple columns. I want the user to be able to hide or show one or multiple columns based on their need.  Is it possible to do this with data grid or any other widget?
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If you upgrade to Mendix 9, this will be possible with the Data Grid 2 widget. It allows your users to not only hide columns while looking at the data grid, but also to have those preferences saved between sessions.

More info on data grid 2:


In version 8.5, you will need to build this as custom feature by 

  1. A Selection page, which asks the users to select, which columns they want to display, storing the same in some entity, which is used to store the user choice
  2. Conditional visibility on each column, in a separate container based on the user choice. This will not achieve ordering of the columns as per user’s choice or drag and move of the columns.
  3. You will loose search functionality, which would need to be done using a microflow.

However, best is to upgrade as suggested by Eline and use DataGrid2


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