How to translate app into different languages

Hi all, We are developing a mobile application for one of our client. This app will be used by several countries. And the users should see the app in their locale language when they open it. I have added languages under Project settings -→ Languages. And I have created users and assigned different languages for them. But when I logged in with the user who has assigned to other language (e.g., German), I am still seeing all the texts in English (Default Language). Can some one please help me how to translate app in their locale language with configurations in Mendix.  Thanks in advance. Regards, Venkatesh
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Hi Venkatesh,

In the language --> language setting need to add the language.
then Language --> batch translate --> select the destination language one batch translate tab will open give export to excel and translate the necessary word that you need to shoe in Germany and import the translated sheet back once the text displayed give Translate in the popup.