Vertical Collapse or Column Collapse

Is it possible to expand or collapse the vertically from left to right not like group box which collapsed top to bottom? In my case there are years name as the column name like FY21, FY22 and so on , if I click on year FY21 then It will expand that year and showing the Quarter of year as Q1 , Q2, Q3 and Q4. If I click on any quarter like Q1 it will expand it and show three months name jan , feb, march as the column name. Any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks,
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Great question, what i think would be a great way to tackle this is to check the working principle of the groupbox and see if we can alter the working principle to move to the side.

What i think will happen is that you need to create a new widget for the groupbox or alter the state of the collapsed widget.

In your sass folders you will have to search for the .collapsed class, this currently just shows “display:none” but combining it with the groupbox classes you might be able to alter the width and height of the header and play around with how it shows in the UI.