Issue with Deeplink - cross module

Hi all, Hopefully this makes sense. I have 3 modules in my applicaiton. Module1 acts like a home page, which has 2 buttons on it, each linking to a MF or Page in one of the other modules (Module2 and module3). I have created the roles App2 and App3 and there are module roles with the same names.  The users of Module2 (App 2) want to have a deeplink so that they can access pages in that module directly, without having to visit the 'home page' in Module1 first.  I have a Deeplink set up to handle what needs to be done before visiting a page in Module2. The users who use this application will have both App1 and App2 roles becuase I need to give all users in the company access to the functionality of both modules. The problem I have is that whilst the deeplink is being triggered, the App2 users are still being directed to Module1.  Even if I put a breakpoint in the triggered MF, the application carries on and still loads the page from Module1.  I just can't get it to run what is in the deeplink microflow, before the home page is loaded.  I'm not using the default User role in any of the modules, just the specific module roles. I tried adding Role based home pages, but that didn't seem to make a difference. I am using SSO with the SAML module as well which is working fine, but wasn't sure if that was the problem.   Thanks  
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When a deeplink is not working as expected most of the time the answer is security. Set the lognode of the deeplink to trace so you can verify that the deeplink is triggered. If the deeplink is triggered but you still end up on the home page it is probably security related. Because if you are not allowed to see the contents of the page the home page is where you will end up.