Help with below mentioned scenario - Group box

Hi Team, We need a similar working in our application where if we click on “Add attribute” button, a new object is to be created. Although we were able to achieve this structure but every time the new object gets populated with first object’s data and on click of “remove” button all the objects gets deleted. We need blank snippets to be loaded on click of “Add” button & only the selected object to be removed on click of “Remove” button. Kindly suggest appropriate solution. Thanks
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HI Shreya,

There should be a context (object A) for the add attributes button, like a surrounding dataview. Place a listview in the dataview with object B over association. On press of ‘add’ you need a microflow with context object A as input parameter and create a new object B and set association with your object A. Refresh object A at the end of the microflow. In your domain should be an association from B * to 1 A.

Under the remove button you place a microflow with object B as inputparameter. Delete object B in the microflow with a refresh in client true.

That should be it.