Breadcrumb navigation

Hi, I am new to Mendix. Is there any widget available for breadcrumb navigation. If not, please share an idea how can I achieve it. 
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I believe Mendix has built-in Breadcrumbs element. You can go to Building Blocks and scroll down to find Breadcrumb. There’s Breadcrumb Large, Breadcrumb, Breadcrumb Underline Large, and Breadcrumb Underline. There’s also Pageheader Breadcrumb. See if any of them fits your needs.


Concept idea

An easy way to create breadcrumbs for your application is to

  • put a placeholder within the layout that you use
  • within the pages place a container in that placeholder
    • align content: left align as row
  • place buttons within the container in the form of links
    • add text to it to make it look like: {name} > {name} >


This will give you a basic concept to create breadcrumbs and full control of the working principle


Apologies for posting on an old thread, but because I expect many new users still to look through these comments. 


The commenter above is correct. You let the app generate the breadcrumbs for you. This is quite tricky since you also want to account for the user pressing the browser back button. Or possibly closing multiple pages and then opening a new page in a microflow. 


I have created a reusable dynamic breadcrumb module without Java actions or external libraries. And I think this is the solution you are looking for.